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Become a Gifing Creator and make passive income with your videos

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Become a Gifing Creator and make passive income with your videos

How it works

You'll earn money every time someone downloads one of your video uploads.

How much you'll earn:

At the end of each day, we calculate the total amount of subscriptions. Then, we calculate the total number of downloads. The total daily subscription average will be divided by the number of downloads to calculate the "per download" price for that day. That number will be multiplied by 0.4 to calculate the 40% rate.

Here's an example breakdown reflecting the earnings of one of our new creators:

Gifing creator earning

What kind of content can you create?

Be sure to record your video in vertical format, as we accept only vertical videos.

The videos can be downloaded from Gifing in Story, Portrait or Square.

Videos under 8 seconds can be downloaded in MP4 and Gif format; videos more than 8 seconds long can only be downloaded in MP4 format.

Videos can be between 2 seconds and 60 seconds in HD (1080X1920) or 4K

Here are five different ways to find thousands of new ideas for video content.

1 : Promote Products/services

Here are some examples :

A brand wants to promote a new energy drink:

A coach wants to promote a new program to build muscles:

Creator Gifing
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Contributor Gifing

A company wants to promote a dating app:

A travel company want to promote a trip to a paradise destination:

Gifing creators
Contributor stock videos
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Think about advertising! If you want your videos to perform well, the first thing is to capture the attention of the person who watches your videos. As our customers use our content for advertising, your video needs to be engaging and eye-catching.

2 : Funny Videos

Funny videos are always interesting for our customers because they are likelier to go viral. Think about it: wouldn't you be more inclined to share something that makes you laugh or smile?

Funny videos are eye-catching. They stop people from continuing to scroll and are great for advertising.


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3: Attractive Man/woman

Looking your physical best (in any shape, size, gender, or otherwise) is likelier to get better visibility and more downloads.

4: Use Emotional appeal

Brands and companies usually appeal to emotions like happiness, joy, sadness, and even fear to sell products or spread a message. Strong emotional reactions result in higher sales - and more downloads.

5: Call to action

Call-to-action videos boost engagement by inviting viewers to join, click, or complete any other specific action,

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